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We are “Connecting Together for 1 Cause.”

Charitable work directed by Speaker, Author and Music Artist, Laurie Marks Vincent.

Laurie is the director of “The Blessing Fund”. This is a community-helps project for families in the city of London Ontario Canada, who are in need and under specific distress. The assistance that The Blessing Fund provides is very specific financial assistance, limited to needs that are urgent and/or are not able to receive assistance through other community resources. The purpose is to prevent families/individuals that are already considered limited income from being stifled with further distress due to the onset of new crisis circumstances. The good work that The Blessing Fund provides, often goes unnoticed in the community and appears  “undercover” because it is confidential and per “one-special-need-at-a-time”.

The Blessing Fund, under Laurie’s direction, is a department of ACT Canada, a licensed charitable organization which enables her to operate The Blessing Fund.

Laurie also speaks at Business/Leadership and Corporate Events  See details here

About ACT Canada
ACT stands for Artists in Christian Testimony Canada
Their passion is to mobilize individuals of the Arts Community to fulfill their passion.
Since Laurie is a Speaker, Music Artist and Author, she fits their mission, and this also enables her to fill a very special passion she has. That passion is to be blessed to be a blessing and help others when all else seems lost. Funds are sent to head office and held in Head Office Accounts in Nashville Tennesee until needs arise.  Head Office has a protocol that requires proof of need through a withdrawal request with receipt presented to head office, under the direction of Rev. Byron Spadling.

ACT Canada Registered Charitable Number 852722594RR0001
Laurie Marks – The Blessing Fund Dept #0156 of ACT Canada