Change it UP

During the Christmas season, we see an increase in urgent needs due to family crisis. On October 23, we launch the “Change it UP” program that encourages a once-a-year giving blitz. It’s only encouraged to give $1, like buying a dear stranger a warm cup of coffee to keep them going through the Winter season. Applicants are approved based on the fact that they do not qualify for assistance from other resources and have exhausted or do not have another means for assistance. We already have several applicants in urgent need, especially to help fight the cold winter. We believe that the accumulative effect, by everyone giving just $1 will make a difference when everyone works together. This will help us with us our Winter budget for those in need over the Christmas season. Of course, you’re welcome to give more, and so we have devised two options. Please see below.

Lift UP some love, with a little bit of change. Choose this option

Choose this option To receive a tax-receipt for donations more $10.00

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