A letter from the Director of The Blessing Fund,
Laurie Marks Vincent

Dear Friend,

We’re starting to grow! What has been a small but mighty work, makes a difference in the lives we touch through The Blessing Fund.

In 2020, we had wonderful opportunities to impact lives.

What has struck me the most is that while we so appreciate all our donors, we’re not able to help everyone who qualifies for help from The Blessing Fund.  As a result, we focus on the most severe, one at a time.

Little Alice is a perfect example. Her Feed Pump, that daily pumps nourishment into her tummy was stolen.  Little Alice was in need of this medical device and it was very crucial to her daily life. There was no government resource to help her mother replace it. While she was without it, she had struggles. The Blessing Fund did not have enough to cover her needs immediately. As a result, we had to raise the funds to cover her vital needs. It took 6 weeks to raise the funds, through outside donors, while Little Alice went without a vital medical device for her health.   If we can increase our donors who believe in this special kind of support and love, then people who are in urgent need like Little Alice, would not have to wait so long for the help they need.

Please consider joining our 100 mile race. We’re praying for 100 donors to give $10 monthly.  Just click the “Donate Now” button below to get started.

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