Full Hands

There is more than enough to do so that The Blessing Fund is effective. The Blessing Fund’s work is mainly “undercover” because many of the needs we meet are not familiar situations where other community resources can be of help.

The needs that we try to meet are always more than we have provision for. We have been approached about some very serious and urgent needs that are beyond the scope of other community aid resources.

I can’t express how “grinding” it is to have a heart for such people and their circumstances and yet, not have the means to help them.  I am being honest and transparent when I say this. It is frustrating and discouraging to be in this position when there is so much need and not enough supporters for the cause.

I appreciate every word of encouragement, every prayer, and every donor that joins with me and enables me to continue to do this work for those that find themselves in crisis situations.

Please consider partnering with a monthly donation so that funding is readily available for those in urgent need on short notice.

Sincerely, with Much Love and Thanks

Laurie Marks Vincent


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