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Case 1

Currently, our ministry is raising funds for a family who just had a baby boy, born before Christmas (2019). Baby Dawson was just one week old when he underwent three heart surgeries. His mother almost died giving birth because she hemorrhaged and was rushed into emergency surgery.  Both Mom and Dawson are doing well now. The family resides in the United States and they have accumulated an insurmountable hospital bill. Between this need and the urgent need below, please consider your year-end giving to help make a difference in the love and care we give for each need, that we assist through-out the year.

Case 2

Single Father, with custody of his son, is in need urgently of a car. His current car is falling apart, and the bumper was impacted in a “hit and run”.  The value of the car is not worth repairing, but without a car, he will lose his custody privileges of his son.  He is recovering from a serious injury to his hand and had to leave his work and so he is currently unemployed.  He has applied for social assistance. It will not cover his rent and is waiting to hear if he is approved for Employment Insurance. Our desire is to keep Father and Son together for their mental and emotional welfare.

Case 3

Lady, who is on disability, had a family emergency and is in need of extra income support to meet her basic financial needs this month.

Any help would be appreciated. A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT can be issued for your donation if you donate through The Blessing Fund

The Blessing Fund is Dept #0156 of ACT Canada Registered Charitable Number 852722594RR0001