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posted July 28th, 2019 – URGENT Need not resolved

A one-income family has had a number of hard hits on their finances over the course of the past 12 months. Loss of employment several times for one spouse and health problems of the other spouse with surgery, recovery, and therapy, have been circumstances beyond their control. They have kept afloat until this latest hit. They own a small home with a mortgage much less than average rent, (50% lower than average rent market but the fact that the Husband has been having difficulty with temp work, cut in pay and then his wife, due to health problems, not being able to work recently, they are not able to access conventional resources for financial recovery (ie: bank loans). This past week, their 22-year-old furnace died, and that means they have no heat for the winter. It’s not repairable. We have raised $500. A company has offered to install the furnace for free. We still need to raise another $1000 to purchase the furnace at wholesale price. Time is of the essence to raise the funds so that they can begin the process to get a new Furnace/AC unit installed before we are into the harsh winter season. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Posted August 28, 2019 – Need not resolved

Due to a car accident, both Mom and Dad are now on Disability. They have a son with special needs who has regular appointments with a specialist. It’s necessary and they have to travel to another city that is an hour away. Their car is in need of serious repair in order to travel their safely so that they can take their son to these appointments.

The quote was nearly $800 for repairs

Posted August 15, 2019

A Woman near 65 years of age, on Ontario Disability, has been homeless since December 2019.  She sold her condo because she could no longer afford to maintain it but even with the closing date, was not able to find an affordable apartment.  She has been living in a hotel, paying $111.00 a night, using the profits from the sale of her home to supplement. The city has a less than 1% vacancy for Seniors.  Her funds are getting low and she will not be able to stay in a hotel much longer. Her only family is a cat and she wants to keep him as he is all she has right now. We are trying to help her by supplementing some of her living costs until she finds a vacancy for an affordable apartment. Please help by giving your support for her today.

posted August 23, 2019 – Need resolved

estimated need $2500

Two Single Dads who are in urgent need of car repair before the school year starts. They need their cars for work and for their children. Both Dad’s income is limited, just started a new job a few months ago and is trying to get on his feet. Kids need their Dads, especially in a single-parent situation and we can help them.

Dad 1 – Dad 1 had 4 things go on his car at once and his car is literally dead. He desperately needs his car for his children due to shared custody and school. His job is always on location and so he can be traveling anywhere in the city or surrounding area. He is able to get help from friends to do some of the work on the car, but some of the work will have to be done in a professional garage. He has a responsibility to drive his children to school 3 days out of the school week and so his need is very urgent.

Dad 2 – Dad needs his brakes and routers done, and without his car, will not be able to work because he works outside the city on call each weekend. He will have to pay for professional labor.

If just half the people on my Facebook page gave $10.00 each, we would have more than enough to help them. Please give as your heart leads, cause Kids need their Dads in their life to be there for them. God bless you & Thank you!

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