posted July 28th, 2019

A one-income family has had a number of hard hits on their finances over the course of the past 12 months. Loss of employment for one spouse and health problems of the other spouse with surgery, recovery, and therapy, have been circumstances beyond their control. They have kept afloat until this latest hit. They own a small home with a mortgage much less than average rent, but the fact that the Husband has been having difficulty with temp work, cut in pay and then his wife, due to health problems, not being able to work recently, they are not able to access conventional resources for financial recovery (ie: bank loans). This past week, their 22-year-old furnace died, and that means they have no air conditioning for the Summer. They care for a small grandchild throughout the Summer months and the Husband also has Asthma that is aggravated by the hot weather. With health problems as it is, this is not a good scenario. They had to leave their home to stay with a family member this past weekend since they were feeling sick from the heat without any relief. A Heating and Air Conditioning company did a free “no obligation” assessment and quoted nearly $3000 to replace the unit. They have exhausted all other resources to come up with the funds to get a new furnace/AC unit and this also seems to be outside the perimeters of other Community Aid Organizations. Time is of the essence to raise the funds so that the couple can begin the process to get a new Furnace/AC unit installed for the sake of their health. Your gift is tax-deductible.

The Blessing Fund is Dept #0156 of ACT Canada Registered Charitable Number 852722594RR0001