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While we have been helping with small needs during the Covid-19 lockdown, one urgent need has been presented for a little girl named Alice. She has Cerebal Palsy with frequent seizures during the day. Alice has also been fed by a feed tube since birth. Not too long ago, someone stole Alice’s feed pump while they were leisurely out with family. The feed pump is a necessity for Alice because it pumps the food through the tube directly into her digestive tract.  It is literally her life-thread for nutritious and daily sustanance. The disability support program will not approve a new pump because the pump is not 5 years old. They only replace medical equipment every 5 years. The pump that was stolen was only about 3 years old. Currently, her mother is using a syringe to feed Alice through a tube. Since then, Alice’s mother has told us she’s having further health problems with bleeding. The lack of an efficient feed pump is making things difficult. They have other children as well and the family has been through some financial loss during Co-vid Lockdown. They really need a hand up.  Her feed pump bags and diapers each cost more than $800.00 a month. The new feed pump and other medical supplies to accommodate Alice and prepare her for school add up to more than $1700.00. There are also tube extensions that need to be replaced, costing $112 per month and some other occasional expenses of medication not covered for her. The family would like to have a little “nest egg” set aside for some of Alice’s other needs, such as leg brace repairs in the future. Currently, she needs the feed pump that costs $1748.00. The monthly regular expenses for Alice’s care are as follows. $800 for diapers + $844 for feed bags + $112 for tube extensions as well as other miscellanious expenses for medication not covered by disability.  We would like to be able to help Alice with her care on a monthly basis but we can’t do it without you.

For a tax-deductible receipt, please give through my ministry charity, The Blessing Fund – Please help, even with the smallest amount because not having a feed pump to efficiently get nutrition four times a day is a necessity for Alice. Thanks and God Bless!

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We have many urgent needs that arise during the Christmas season. Please remember The Blessing Fund in your year-end giving. Help us make a difference, loving those in need during the Christmas season.

Become a member of the 100 Mile Race. We’re looking for 100 people to give $10 a month. It is important to have funds readily available for urgent needs as they arise.  What doesn’t get used during one month is rolled over into the next month.  We believe this is a responsible and efficient way to care for needs when a crisis arises. Thank you for your support.

Any help would be appreciated. A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT can be issued for your donation if you donate through The Blessing Fund

The Blessing Fund is Dept #0156 of ACT Canada Registered Charitable Number 852722594RR0001