Blessing Stories

The Blessing Fund was developed because of the needs of many of the women who needed special care. It was a way of loving in a very practical way.

The fund is a registered charitable department of ACT Canada and all funds are held at head office in Bowmanville Ontario until a need arises.  No funds are personally held to use at will. We are not government funded and so while we do not have to follow government policies, it does mean that we have a limited amount of funds and rely on generous donations from people who want to reach “the least of these”.

Each situation is reviewed to comply with the following requirements.

(1) A special need not covered by other organizations (2) To cover basic needs: food, shelter, maintain a livelihood (3) Circumstances that are outside of the applicant’s control

Applicants are kept confidential.

Blessing Stories
Here are just a few of the ways we have used the Families in Crisis Blessing Fund
The situations are difficult when there are no other resources available to them.

A woman who is a Senior Citizen had been having mobility issues after a very bad fall, for a for years now. Over the years, her ankles collapsed sideways and her feet began to pronate, making it difficult for her to walk or climb a few stairs. We raised funds and made arrangements for her to have custom orthotics to fit her feet, in order to re-align her ankles and feet so that she could stand up straight. As Director of the Blessing Fund, I cannot tell you how incredible it felt to watch this dear lady cry, with tears of joy, as she was able to straighten her back to stand up straight with no pain for the first time in a very long time as she tried on her new orthotics.
One week old infant held in ICU with breathing problems, Parents were on assisted income and doctors told them that baby couldn’t go home until an air conditioner was placed in the babies room. The air conditioner was purchased through the blessing fund.
A family evicted from their home, due to sudden income loss, were provided with funds for essentials such as groceries, while their church provided funds for temporary accommodations.
A family who ran their own business were caught in difficult circumstances when all their bank accounts were frozen. We provided funds for basic needs, groceries, and utilities.
A single woman on disability had a family emergency and used half her rent for that emergency. We were able to provide the remainder of her rent.
When the hydro first skyrocketed, a single mother found herself sacrificing some basic needs for her children. We were able to help offset some of her hydro bills and provide some of the children’s needs.
A woman who was very sick had a need for a prescription but had no immediate funds to purchase. We provided the funds for that prescription.
A young family with only the husband’s work to depend on at minimum wage. The car needed a small repair for safety in order for the husband to continue getting back and forth to work. The Blessing Fund provided the necessary funds for the car repair.